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Unpaper Reusable Toilet Paper – Handmade Flannel Fabric Emergency Ass Wipes

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Toilet paper shortage again? Aunt Mary Anne says “don’t be caught with yer pants down”. With these soft, absorbent fabric toilet paper wipes you’ll always have something to clean up with. These 100% cotton flannel towels are the most useful...




Toilet paper shortage again? Aunt Mary Anne says “don’t be caught with yer pants down”. With these soft, absorbent fabric toilet paper wipes you’ll always have something to clean up with. These 100% cotton flannel towels are the most useful family cloth toilet paper you’ll find this side of the mountain. An essential for camping, hiking, backpacking, RVing and sustainable living, these artfully sewn soft cuddly premium flannel wipes are the perfect way to save money and the woodland critters’ habitat.

What is unpaper you ask? It is delightful eco-friendly reusable paper towels or reusable toilet paper made with fabric that has better absorbency and strength than paper and can be reused over and over. The more they are washed the fluffier they get and the more they absorb!

We aren’t joking when we say these 100% cotton flannel fabric toilet paper wipes are really useful for all sorts of sh*tty situations. They are great for their namesake – thin enough to flex around curves and the perfect size to fit in your hand for a thorough wipe action. Fold them up to three more times to get up to four cleansing wipe actions with one cloth (or five if your surface area is exceptionally small).

For extra stubborn messes they can be moistened and used as a refreshing wet wipe to cleanse dirty tushies, hands, faces & surfaces. You can’t do that with normal toilet paper!

Need a great gift idea? Aunt Mary Anne’s Emergency Ass Wipes are fantastic for:

  • Camping, hiking, backpacking & outdoor adventures
  • Travel (especially in countries where toilet paper isn’t always present in public toilets)
  • After-intimacy wipes (keep ‘em by the bed, they work great)
  • Soft facial cleansing cloths
  • Bar rags
  • Hand towels
  • The BEST kitchen washcloths
  • Cleansing wipes for pets
  • Baby napkins for feeding time
  • Runny noses
  • Protective barrier for opening strange doors, keypads, elevator buttons, stair rails etc.
  • Good ol’ fashioned Handkerchiefs (just make sure Grandpa washes it after sneezing)

Each Handmade in the USA set includes:

12 count 1ply 100% cotton flannel towels, 8.25”x6”

Sizes are pre-wash dimensions and may shrink slightly after washing. Each emergency ass wipe set comes with care instructions on the packaging.

NOTE: While we think our label is cute for adults, we know some folks may not prefer the name we picked. If you purchase these wipes but want them shipped without the label please just make a note on your order and we will be happy to send the 'G' rated version instead.

Who is Aunt Maryanne?

The boldest, bravest pioneer woman, Aunt Mary Anne knows just what to do in any situation. Her free spirit leads her into many adventures but she’s always prepared with her crafty and ingeniously packed bag filled with just what you need for any occasion. Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic products bring a touch of nostalgia and mountain living to your home.


Customer Reviews

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Hahahaha! Love them!

These are both hilarious and a really great product. My wife and I spend a lot of time backpacking and these were a great addition to our bags. Weight is always a consideration when prepping for a trip. 24 of these weigh next to nothing and take up very little room but serve for our entire washing/cleaning needs They are soft enough for skin so they make great washcloths and "toilet wipes". But they are sturdy enough to clean the dishes, or clean off grimy hands. These have now become an essential for our adventures. It's nice to support a local business too especially in crazy 2020.

Surprisingly absorbent

I am a new mom and use these for bottom-cleaning wipes. I like to moisten them first, clean up the area, and then rinse and throw into the laundry bag. They have definitely saved me a lot of money and are holding up well in the wash.

Charming gift

great gift - needed something for a hard to shop for family member and they really appreciated the humor

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Unpaper Reusable Toilet Paper – Handmade Flannel Fabric Emergency Ass Wipes

Unpaper Reusable Toilet Paper – Handmade Flannel Fabric Emergency Ass Wipes

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