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Homemade Gift Giving Guide 2020

Many homemade gifts are cherished by their recipients far more than something you bought at the store. After all, a little love goes into every homemade gift! Too busy to make it yourself? Look no further than our Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic Handmade Collection.

The 5 Superfoods in the Vegan Diet Starter Pack

Contrary to popular belief, a vegan diet doesn’t mean having limited food choices. This is one of the healthiest diets and you could reap so many h...

9 Strategies for Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

Like all emotions, anxiety and worry are physical sensations that you experience Choose to just allow your anxiety to exist and move forward anyway. While meditation, mindfulness training, and changing your view of the world are powerful techniques, a few, quick simple solutions might be enough to take the edge off your excessive worrying. 

5 Ways to Survive This Allergy Season

Here are five ways to help you make allergy season bearable. Surviving the allergy season involves more than just the right allergy medication!

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