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About DragonWise

Our Mission

DragonWise is a small, veteran & woman owned/operated business in the USA. We started making protective products to help in the ways we can during our country’s time of need. Our mission is to make products promoting health and wellbeing for the creatures of this planet, people & animals, and to leave this earth better than we found it. Your support of us helps us give back to those in need around us. Our profits assist in supporting the elderly, disabled & donations to our first responders & charities helping in relief efforts across the country.

DragonWise Made in USA

Our Story

In early 2020 we started researching and developing a line of products for pet wellness and planned to launch around summer. We chose Etsy as our launch platform, and began planning how to bring our new products to life.

And then everything changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 hit fast, hard and in full force. NYC was right in our backyard, and the rest of the early spring we spent along with everyone else trying to figure out the best way to survive and protect our families.


Sewing Machine

 We, like many others have first responders, elderly, immunocompromised & disabled people near and dear to us so our immediate thoughts were to find solutions in the ways we could to assist with our country’s fight to stop the pandemic in its tracks. We decided to refocus our immediate efforts into making emergency supplies for those around us in need, and launched our business with face masks, face mask filters, and other essentials as our pilot products. We got to work researching and studying the best materials and methods to create protective gear. What followed was two months of prototypes, product launches and all-night marathons fueled by dark coffee and sheer determination. We dipped our toes in everything from personal sanitizers to disinfectants to face masks and accessories. We also were one of the first businesses to bring quality face mask filters that weren’t repurposed vacuum bags or fiberglass-laden nightmares.



As our products hit the market we enlisted our closest friends and family to help keep up with the overwhelming response. Even though we could barely keep up with demand, we couldn’t say no to people reaching out to us in need. Eventually as masks became more readily available, we moved our focus over to the filters because we found it was the best way to help our customers with their continuing needs.

We fine-tuned our design, worked with oodles of materials and at last designed what we proudly believe to be the best available face mask filter insert in the market. We set up a new online shop of our own to support our ever-growing list of people we were able to help, and be able to ship more efficiently and offer the world’s first face mask filter insert subscription box.

Now we continue to innovate and design our products, and will keep working as hard as we can to help our neighbors, friends, family & communities through this tough time. Someone put on another pot of coffee because we aren’t stopping! :-)

Thank you so much for reading our story and for supporting our small American business. When you buy from us you are helping us be able to give back. Please reach out to us any time, we are always happy to hear from you and would love any feedback so we can make sure we are bringing the highest quality protective gear to you.


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