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DragonWise Mission & Values

Our Mission

The DragonWise mission is to innovate quality products and provide solutions that improve the world by supporting health, wellbeing and happiness for the people & animals of our planet. We will stand for equality, kindness, education and compassion through our business activities. We will embrace the spirit of an ethical business and use our growth, presence, and influence to impact the world by assisting charities and supporting causes. We are passionate about spreading positive & meaningful messages throughout our global community.

Who We Are

DragonWise is a small, woman-owned American business. Initially, we prepared to open in early 2020 with a handmade line of products for pet wellness. When COVID hit, we redirected all of our immediate efforts into creating products to help our global community through these tough times. Our pilot product line includes protective and practical items to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic, but will expand to include other healthful living products that support our company mission.

Our Values

Empathy is key to our ability to provide a top quality customer experience. We are committed to making all customers feel as if they are family by always putting their needs first. Understanding our customers and their unfulfilled needs drives us to develop intelligently designed products that will improve their lives and circumstances. We value freedom, wisdom, peace, and empowering those oppressed and underprivileged. We promote clean living, adventurousness, and respect for diverse cultures. By embracing these values, we believe the world will become a kinder, better place.

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