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Face Masks

What Experts Say about Wearing a Face Mask in Public Places during the Pandemic

Several months ago, over 100 leading medical and scientific experts, including Nobel Prize winners and world-renowned epidemiologists, sent a lette...

Masks Around the World: Kenya

In the wake of the Covid-19 virus, wearing face masks was made compulsory by the Kenyan government, as in many countries all over the world. Failur...

MERV 16 Filter Insert + Washable Face Mask = Perfect Combo

Until a few months ago, wearing a face covering was considered superfluous or being overcautious. In some cases, it could even be misconstrued as d...

Keeping Construction Workers Healthy

Workers on a construction site are exposed to dust and debris on a regular basis and proper care should be taken to protect them from health and sa...

Let's Help Kids to Mask It Up

It is important for parents and guardians to talk to children, in age-appropriate language, about the importance of wearing face masks during this Covid-19 pandemic.

4 Ways to Make Masking Safe and Easy

Learning to live with masks doesn't have to be difficult. Here are four things that we should do to keep our masking efforts effective and effortless.

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Fabric Face Mask Filter Pocket Washable Insert

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Fabric Face Mask Filter Pocket Washable Insert

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