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Five Ways Face Masks Make Life Better

It’s been months of getting acquainted with face masks. With so much time on our hands, it has been interesting to learn so many things we didn’t know before. Some that we might want to continue with, way after the pandemic is gone.

Masks Make Internal Conversations Private

If you are like me, you have private conversations with yourself, even in public. I mean, you have no control over when some thoughts pop into your mind and you need to have a one-on-one consultation. You could also suddenly remember a joke that the people around you aren’t privy to and want to have a quick giggle without explaining yourself. Do you already see how your mask comes in here? Super, right?

Masks Aid Your Incognito Moments

How about when you bump into someone in the street and you don’t have enough time to cross over to the other side? Simple. You are a whole new person with your mask. Add a pair of sunglasses and the disguise is complete!

Halitosis Shield

Bad breath? No problem! But a disclaimer here, you will not be doing yourself justice and you have to soak in the miasma that is your stinking breath.

Men, Do You Get It Now?

And men, finally you understand our love-hate relationship with the bra. The mask is to all of us what the bra has been to women for ages! We are told we MUST wear one when going out in the world. Some of us think we need them, some of us resent it but begrudgingly wear one (and some of us burnt them long ago). But when we get in the house, we can’t wait to get out of them!

The Cure for Resting "Bitch Face"

And last, but not least, your bitch face can finally rest! Are you constantly plagued by questions such as, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you upset? Could you smile more, please? It has been proven that some people have a face that appears bitchy at all times. They lack animation and people tend to tag them as snobs. I know. You are welcome! 

Masks can really help make our lives better. What creative ways can you think of to use your mask? 

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